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other then usual deposit options like debitcards, net banking , bank transfer , there are many options by which we can deposit into the betting websites. these are safe ,easy toΒ  use and minimal charges . The main purpose of these moneybookers is to be option for the players where they cant use their any banking option .to deposit in websites.

here im listing few deposit options which are safe and secure :


A NETELLER Account lets you pay or play online, send and receive money and make fast, secure online payments whenever you need this one you can fund neteller account by debit card and manual swift transfer and many options are there , if your bank doesn’t allow to fund here also you can use any e currency exchange services to get funded in neteller, highly recommended

Take a look on the site here πŸ‘‰


skrill also same as neteller having many options to deposit and almost all betting websites will accepts the skrill payments ,there are good merchant offers also if you deposit by skrill in betting websites , if you unable to use the debit card to fund the skrill you can use the ecurrency exchange services

Take a look on the site πŸ‘‰


it is like virtual card where you have to reload your money into the card , you can send money to any one who have astropay account , you can do buy and sell also, it is same as you have to buy astropay card and go to the site and just enter the card details deposit, you can use ecurrency echange services also

Take a look on the site πŸ‘‰


same as astropay it is also a virtual debit card which is preloaded cash,it is also works same as astropay.

Take a look on the siteπŸ‘‰

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